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Record of Public Welfare Activities for 2024 Winter Distribution

Date:2024-01-22 Click:679

On the morning of January 20, 2024, at 9:00 am, the Tea Mountain Taiwan Merchants Branch's Heart Circle Charity held a grand winter distribution ceremony for the 2024 Tea Mountain Taiwan Merchants "Heart Circle" Charity at the Tea Shanwei Community Service Center. 132 low-income families in the town received tea worth more than 60000 yuan.The tea participants in this event include Hong Xiaosi, Vice Chairman of the Town People's Congress, Lv Yongchang, Executive Vice President/Honorary President of the Tea Mountain Branch of the Taiwan Business Association, Wu Yuelin, President of the Tea Mountain Taiwan Business Branch, and Liao Zizhe, Chairman of the Supervisory BoardSecretary General Zhang Zhicheng and other officials, members of the Tea Town Public Service Office Director Ye Jinhu, the Town Economic Development Bureau Branch Committee Ye Jianxun, the Town United Front Work Office Branch Committee Yuan Xiaoying, the Tea Mountain Weir Secretary Zhang Yanyan, representatives of the nursing home, civil affairs officials from various villages, and "Heart Round" love ambassadors totaling more than 100 people. After the centralized distribution ceremony, tea was divided into groups and sent to each village in the tea mountain to distribute comfort supplies and send New Year greetings to the disadvantagedWe would like to express our gratitude to the leaders of Chashan Town for their recognition and recognition of the activities of the Taiwan Merchants Branch. Thank you to the government of Chashan Town, colleagues from the Public Service Office, and village officials for their support and assistance in this event. We would like to express our gratitude to all Taiwanese entrepreneurs, heartfelt ambassadors, and fellow members for their generous donations. Thanks to the love and dedication of all of you, the tea has facilitated this eventAlthough material assistance is important, what is more important is the care and comfort for impoverished families. Through a series of public welfare activities, we hope that they can feel the warmth of society. Tea is optimistic about the futureA positive attitude. The Heart Circle Public Welfare Activity was originally composed of a group of enthusiastic Taiwanese entrepreneurs who focused on public welfare, with the main purpose of engaging in social welfare. Founded in 2009 with the concept of taking tea from society and giving back to society, Tea has been providing assistance to impoverished families in Chashan Town. Related public welfare activities include monthly heart circlesVisiting the Tea Elderly Care Home, distributing consolation tea awards and scholarships, and distributing winter gifts before the Spring Festival. It is worth mentioning that even during the epidemic, tea has remained strong despite ensuring its safetyHold this love activity.As of January 2024, Tea Heart Circle Charity has accumulated approximately 3 million yuan in donations from various public welfare activities, helping various vulnerable groups in need in Chashan Town.Wishing everyone a better Dragon Year Lucky Tea tomorrow!

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