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Weimeng Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is guided by core values in selecting, hiring, educating and retaining talents, and adopts a partner model to become Huairui ideal aspirants. It provides a broad platform and unlimited career development space. Competitive and generous salary and benefits allow you to experience a sense of belonging, accomplishment and happiness.

If you are honest, responsible, focus on teamwork, and enterprising, you are right, you are welcome: join us now!

Hunting outside and breeding inside, cascade configuration, balanced development

1. Internal education: The company pays attention to the tiered training of internal talents, continuously establishes and improves the utility and traceability quality improvement system, and provides employees with a wide range of career improvement development training and channels. Train your own talents.
2. Overseas hunting: from social, market, industry benchmarking companies, universities, research institutes and other channels or institutions, discover, select, and recruit professional managers and experts from various fields of company strategic planning to join, and comprehensively develop the company's talent development strategy Match.
3. Echelon construction: through the parallel of internal education and external hunting, a talent mechanism of internal and external advancement and long-term development is formed to maintain the competitiveness of industry talents.
4. Balanced development: Through the effective application of the same talent channels and the company's systematic training and development measures, promote the balanced layout and development of the talent echelon.
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